Featured Episode: Knox & Meera's wedding (Not yet released).

At Eltrum films, we believe that whatever is good for the Rich and Privileged folks of this world is also good for everyone.
Let’s turn back the hands of time and artistically imagine a wedding event where the young Elon musk marries one of the Trump girls – a grandiose event between the rich & privileged families of our world. While that may sound like a fictional fairy-tale out of a fantasy world, but that exactly is the kind of rich and memorable wedding experience we plan to create by financially sponsoring and funding several low-income families around the world to enjoy this rich and opulent experience. We plan to do this starting with one family and several more to follow. The fill will be a biopic production of the family’s journey up to the day of the main event(wedding, travel, more).
Also, Eltrum token will be heavily promoted through the film branding and commercials. As soon as our project and marketing wallet target is reached, we can all expect the first Blockchain-sponsored wedding which would give one lucky family an Elon-Trump kind of elite-class wedding. More Film Shows below (Names used are samples only).




Knox & Meera's wedding

Shopping for the day of the event, attending wedding prep dance, playing some “How well do you know me” game and sharing early life’s stories. All of these are being planned to be filmed and aired on a TV or Youtube channel.

Roxanne's family Home Makeover

Roxanne’s family gets to share their family and personal life stories as they prepare to move into their newly rebuilt family “smart” home. The entire family will be part of the rebuilding process from start to finish and will all be filmed.

Amir's family getaway

Amir’s family gets to enjoy a rich and elaborate family vacation getaway. All treats and luxury items purchased during this getaway can be kept or resold by the family to raise some income for their future upkeep.

Endless Possibilities

The possibilities are endless as Eltrum films will work to create more deluxe-class experiences for several other struggling families accross the world. 60% of the profit raised from each of the film show (viewship, commercials and partnerships) will be used to buy back and burn Eltrum token.